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Field Trial Hub

Welcome to the new trial hub. From here you can access all trial section on gundogworld.
The trial hub is subscriber only ,You will have a short Demo period to access the many features on offer!

To see why we decided to make the Field trial section  subscription only please scroll to the bottom of the page.

We are in the process of a few exciting features that will hopefully be ready soon , including but no limited too

sms notification system
Email notification system.
Historic results for dogs and handlers , selecting a dog or handler will show historic placements in the trials , just as the judge system works.

If you are a field trial secretary please send us a message or email for a coupon for free access .

Please use the following buttons to manage/purchase your subscription.

Why did we make the Field trial section subscription only?

After many months of asking users of the site to support the site and simply click a few google ads ,still users will not help to keep the site a free to use website. Unfortunately with almost 50,000 page visits a month the server,maintenance and development required are now at a point where i can no longer justify the personal expense, the site is now at the use it or lose it stage.

The Field Trial Diary, Trial pages,Judge system and club system now require a minimal yearly subscription this will keep all the information for the people who support the site rather than leeching the information . hopefully the generated income will allow us to add some more  great features !!

We look forwardto your support!

March 2019
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