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Thank you for visiting Hawk-Valley Gundogs. We are located in Oldham, Greater Manchester. I have had contact with gundogs since I can remember. Amongst the first ones where a couple of Liver and white springer belonging to my father, along with a Black and white springer belonging to my grandfather. By this time a lifelong love had begun. Twenty years ago came my own family and of course followed by the Dogs!! Here begun life as it is now. As the years passed by and the kids grew up and I was able to find more time for the dog’s I found myself with too many dogs for the house so I built myself some kennels at the bottom of the garden and removed the grass much to the pleasure of my wife. All our dogs live in their kennels and their own yard outdoors but spend quality time with us. Their kennels are purpose-built from Concrete Block along with Double Glazing windows and door. The interior is divided into separate cages which they are confined to at night time for sleeping. The kennels are fully heated with both a radiator and under floor heating, their beds are raised off the floor for maximum comfort mai1and warmth. We also have electricity and running water in the kennels just to make it easier to look after the dogs and for their comfort. At this time I was doing some beating and picking up with my springer’s ,always struggling for descent areas to train them often on local parks and football pitches unfortunately there aren’t many pheasant ,rabbits etc. in rural Manchester !! I then made contact with a chap way down south regarding a litter of cockers with an outstanding pedigree .I made the long trip down and was now the proud owner of a young liver cocker dog. Not knowing so at the time that day changed the course of my dog life. Now a good few years on I have had numerous cockers from the same source, fantastic lines and have rarely if ever been disappointed with them. I am now good friends with the breeder/trainer He is a wealth of knowledge always tellingme strait of my mistakes and putting up with me stalking him on the phone. He opened lots of doors for me with invites all over the country for one thing another be it trials or training days, without his time, help and kindness I’m not sure where and what I would be doing with my dogs now! He introduced me to another trainer a lot closer to home luckily for me another chap with a wealth of knowledge and just as patience if I end up with another friendship like my 1st I shall consider myself very fortunate ! This year I will be trialing with a few cockers if all goes to plan! How much I owe will be decided in the not too distant future! If we can help you in any way with advice with your spaniels or choosing a puppy from a reputable source please don’t hesitate to fill in a contact form or even give us a call.You can find our numbers on the contact page. Please also see our link Spaniel History to see if a spaniel is the right dog for you!
Thanks for reading, Martin & Sherryl.

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